Best Exposure Books

The book to start with is Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies, one of the highest rated photography books at It covers beginning, intermediate and advanced exposure techniques all in one book so you don’t have to buy a second or third book to learn what you need to know.

Digital photography expert Tim Grey wrote:

“As you know, I tend to focus most of my energy on helping photographers with their images after the capture. I do lead a variety of field photography workshops, but my focus tends to be more on what happens after the picture is actually taken. When it comes to the actual capture, the most common questions I hear from photographers relate to exposure. I’ve recently discovered a book that helps photographers truly understand exposure, and that knowledge can dramatically improve the quality of your digital photos. The book is Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies, authored by Jim Doty, Jr., and published by Wiley. This book provides you with everything a photographer needs to know in order to truly understand exposure and how it affects the original capture.”

You can learn all about this book here. Like lots of great photography books it is currently out of print so you can get a good deal on used copies at

After you have mastered the beginning through advanced exposure techniques in Digital Photography Exposure for Dummies you can move on to professional level exposure techniques.  The book to get is Perfect Exposure, The Professional’s Guide to Perfect Digital Photographs. Michael Freeman is as good as it gets and his books are first rate. This book assumes you have mastered the techniques I discuss in my book so this is not the book to start with, but this is definitely the book to get to master professional level techniques.

Page created November 2, 2017. Updated May 4, 2018.