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Welcome to my new powered photography store. This is where you can find the photography gear, books, DVDs, and other photography items that I recommend. There are direct links to so you get Amazon’s great prices, service, and guarantee.

Why this store? People in my photography workshops kept asking me where to find the photo items I recommend, some of which are obscure. Plus I get all kinds of questions by email about photo gear I recommend. So I put this store together so everything I recommend in my photography workshops, classes, photo tours, and blog articles is all in one place (provided carries it).

I recommend the best of all things photographic in a series of over 70 articles which you can find here.  The best of the best series is updated every year in November and December. Some of the “best of the best” photography items are not available at Amazon, so I tell you in my articles where to find them.

Photo Store Categories

Photography Books

Photography DVDs

Image Editing Software

Camera Gear I (Canon and Nikon bodies, lenses, and flash units)

Camera Gear II (top rated DSLRs from Olympus, Pentax, and Sony)

Camera Gear III (top rated ILCs from Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony)

Underwater Cameras and Accessories


Tripod Heads

GoPro Hero Cameras (with accessories)

Photo Goodies – Closeup gear, filters, light meters, light modifiers for flash, video mics, night photography, smart phone tools, external hard drives, memory cards, all kinds of accessories, and a whole lot more.

Misc Goodies – Double and triple bubble levels, collapsible fabric gray cards, Kodak gray cards, calibration targets for advanced metering, X-Rite Color Checker with color patches, headlamps (with the one essential feature), tripod mounts for smart phones, lens cleaners, air blasters to clean your camera, bean pods, desiccant packs to keep your camera gear safe in humid climates, storm jackets to protect your gear in the rain, 5-in-1 light discs, flash umbrellas, umbrella adapters, optical slaves, speedlight reflectors, and more.

Closeup Equipment

Light Modifiers for Flash

Light Modifiers, Flashes, and Accessories for on and off camera flash

RØDE Mics for your DSLR, video camera, and smart phone

Smart Phone Photography  – Tripod mounts for your smart phone.

Incident Light Meters

Night Photography Gear

Astrophotography Gear

Film and Flatbed Scanners

CamRanger – wireless remote control and file transfer for Canon and Nikon DSLRs

Image Editing Software

Satellite Communicators – The GPS Messaging Devices That Can Save Your Life

Miscellaneous Items – Mostly unrelated to photography.

Page created August 8, 2017.  Updated January 26, 2023.