“How To” Wildlife Photography Books

Some of my favorite “how to” wildlife photography books.

These are my favorite books on wildlife photography, plus two books on closeup photography some some wildlife is small to very small. They are specialized. Techniques for photographing mammals are different then the techniques for photography birds. Pick the books that match your particular interests. Just click on the text link.

John Shaw’s Closeups in Nature

Close-up Photography in Nature by Tim Fitzharris

Beyond the Basics by George Lepp

Beyond the Basics II by George Lepp

Wildlife Photography: Stories from the Field by George Lepp

How to Photograph Animals in the Wild by Leonard Lee Rue III

How I Photograph Wildlife and Nature by Leonard Lee Rue III

Bird Photography: Pure and Simple by Arthur Morris

Art of Bird Photography: The Complete Guide to Professional Field Techniques by Arthur Morris

How To Photograph Birds by Larry West

How to Photograph Insects and Spiders by Larry West

How to Photograph Reptiles and Amphibians by Larry West

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